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Our History

Michigan Monitoring Service (MMS) was started in 1986 by Ronald Ross, president of Vigilante Security, Inc. Mr. Ross started MMS in an effort to provide dealers, like himself with central station services that met the challenges of an ever changing industry. At that time, contract central stations, like Michigan Monitoring were new to the industry. Prior to using contract central stations, most dealers used small, local central stations for their monitored accounts. These central stations had no flexibility toward providing custom alarm service to subscribers. They only offered the same type of “vanilla” services similar to their own monitored accounts. Mr. Ross saw an opportunity to capitalize on this and contacted several local dealers that were frustrated with the poor quality of service provided by their central stations.

Since that time, MMS has been finding more innovative ways to enhance our service to our customers. MMS was one of the first companies to make FastLink and other long-range radio back up technologies available to dealers. FastLink utilized radio signals as opposed to standard phone line signals. The system was already in place and provided by a major vendor, but because of contractual agreements, it was not available to everyone. It was only available to suppliers in the Detroit Metro Area. Therefore, MMS became a beta test site for a major manufacturer of alarm systems based on long-range radio and started offering the service to its dealers and customers. Radio back up technology platforms have continued to evolve over the years and are still useful today.

Continuous improvement is embedded in the culture of MMS and that led to the installation of Monitoring Automation Systems (MAS) in 1998. The installation of MAS allows MMS to make a seamless switch to a stand-by server in the event of a power failure on the main server. Though there has not been a failure since the installation, each test proves MAS' ability to keep monitoring accounts in the event of an operating system crash or hard drive failure. MAS provides a higher degree of comfort for MMS customers and the people managing the central station.

As a result of the evolution of communications, MMS began Internet Protocol (IP) Monitoring in 2003. IP Monitoring enabled us to provide supervision of opening/closing times, custom zone descriptions, and complete control of all contact information for thousands of accounts. We can provide our dealers with encrypted, secure alarm reporting that costs just pennies a day. MMS currently services a variety of alarm monitoring markets including residential, industrial, commercial, medical, institutional, educational, governmental, and many more.


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