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How to Open an Account

It’s easy to establish an account with Michigan Monitoring Service, the high tech choice for cutting-edge central station services. Simply, complete and return all of the forms in our Dealer Packet below, along with a copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Michigan Monitoring Service as additional insured. Once the completed paperwork has been received and approved you will be given all of the information you need to begin putting accounts online.

Complete Dealer Packet
Please click below:

This one requires software to uncompress:

Complete Dealer Packet(Standard WinZip Format) [.zip]

Dealer Packet - Individual Files

The following links are to the individual files contained in the Dealer Packet. They are here for your convenience. Click on one of the links below and it will open the file in a new browser window. If the file is an Adobe PDF document, you will be able to click on the "Save a Copy of the File" icon to save the file to your local hard drive. If the file is a Microsoft Word document, you will be prompted to either open or save the file.

Introductory Letter [.pdf]
Dealer Information Sheet [.pdf]
Contractors Alarm Monitoring Agreement [.pdf]
Insurance Information [.doc]
Subscriber Monitoring Agreement [.pdf]
Underwriters Laboratories Certificate of Compliance [.pdf]
Instructions for Customer Information Sheet [.pdf]
Customer Information Sheet [.pdf]
General Procedures for Alarms [.pdf]
Industry Standard Reporting Codes [.pdf]
Dealer Web(DLRWeb) [.pdf]
Voice System Use Instructions [.pdf]
Voice System Testing [.pdf]


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