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Internet Monitoring

Internet-based alarm monitoring gives your customers more control of their security systems — and more options. It can:

  • Automate their security operations
  • Increase operations reliability
  • Increase their accounts central station polling frequency
  • Help control costs
  • Increase security
  • Protect inventories and identities
  • And more


Internet alarm monitoring puts the control of multiple details right in the hands of your customers. From any location, using any Internet connection, your customers can:

  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Turn lights on and off at specific locations
  • Control appliances like the coffee maker or dishwasher
  • Adjust room temperatures
  • And more

With the addition of video cameras, they can:

  • See who’s at the front door
  • Confirm the interior of their home or business is secure (or see what the teens at home are up to)


Internet alarm monitoring offers distinct advantages, but it can also present problems if it is not monitored or used properly.

Michigan Monitoring Service was one of the first companies to offer Internet alarm monitoring central station services. Our extensive experience enables us to help you make it safe, efficient and effective for your customers. We make sure you’re up to date and know what you need to know so your customers can confidently turn to you and use Internet alarm monitoring to its greatest potential.


Internet-Based Systems

  • Bosch NetCom

NetCom is integration software that accepts analog signals from the panel, digitizes the information and then formats the data for fast Internet transmission, bringing the benefits of proactive digital networking to a traditionally passive device. NetCom also sends a constant "heartbeat" status signal that maintains a steady, positive system acknowledgement with the central station. NetCom's speed, constancy and accuracy complement the C900V2 and heighten the protective shield created for families or businesses by making alarm monitoring proactive rather than reactive.

  • Honeywell AlarmNet-I

AlarmNet-I is the latest advancement in the alarm monitoring industry. It is easy to install, highly secure, and is less expensive than other options. After installing the necessary sensors, the technician mounts the panel and connects a LAN cable from the panel to the "always on" internet connection. The remote unit and Alarmnet-I do the rest. Most sites have a firewall that protects their LAN or PC from attacks on the internet. Installation of AlarmNet-I does not require a broad knowledge of network and firewall technology because AlarmNet-I has the ability to find its own way through the firewall and connect to AlarmNet to update the panel's software. The connection between the panel and the AlarmNet network is also very secure. The encryption technology used for communication between the panel and the AlarmNet network is more powerful than the encryption technology commonly used to secure transactions over the internet. In addition, AlarmNet-I servers verify the identity of the panel unit and the panel unit verifies the identity of the AlarmNet-I servers, so there is almost no chance of communications falling into the wrong hands. AlarmNet-I also eliminates the need for expensive lease lines.


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