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What are you looking for in a Central Station:

• The highest quality service in the security industry

• A proven track record of satisfied customers

• Expertise in leading edge technological advancements

• A complete array of personalized services not found in other central stations

• Access to your subscribers' account information 24/7


Then look no further. Michigan Monitoring Service is the central station you need. Read on to find out why MMS is proud to be the best in the industry.


We are committed to providing the very best central station monitoring in the security industry. To this end, we have gone through the strict approval processes necessary to be successfully listed as certified for residential and commercial monitoring with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM Global). Our personnel undergo state and federal background investigations and are continuously trained on their job functions and the technologies they work with.

Proven Track Record

One of our oldest dealers has numerous branch offices located throughout the Eastern half of the United States. A few years ago, the corporate office decided to move the monitoring of their accounts to a central station located more convenient place for them. Throughout the months immediately following the move we continuously received calls from the dealer asking us to help with situations and problems that their new central station was unable or unwilling to resolve and less than nine months later the dealer was making arrangements to move the accounts back to Michigan Monitoring Service. Apparently, the new central station was lacking in performance and problem resolution skills. They were unable to provide the same level of customer service that Michigan Monitoring Service had been providing the dealer previously.

Since returning to Michigan Monitoring Service, the dealer has continued to grow and open new office s and say they regret ever having left.

We are proud to count this dealer as one of the many companies that we have had the privilege of working with in our more than twenty years of providing quality monitoring service.

Leading Edge Technology

You may have heard people say that the only constant in life is “change”. The same holds true for the security industry. Michigan Monitoring Service is at the forefront of the latest in leading edge technology. Many other central stations do not have the technical expertise to manage high-end services or are just unwilling to invest in the equipment and training that is necessary. At Michigan Monitoring Service, we want to develop a long-term relationship with you and your business. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that we will be prepared for your business growth. We will always be a step ahead and will take on the changes in technology as they are introduced.

Personalized Service

We spend a lot of time listening to our customers, dealers like you, so that we are able to tailor our services to meet your subscribers’ specific requirements. Our willingness to satisfy your subscribers and the fact that our services and automation systems are scalable to handle any size subscriber volume you may have means that Michigan Monitoring Service is the only central station you will ever need. Michigan Monitoring Service currently provides nationwide service to thousands of alarm dealers in nearly all fifty states, so do not let the company name mislead you into thinking we are a local company.

Customer References

Scott Bailey from Koorsen Fire and Security wrote:

"Koorsen Protection Services has been a client of Michigan Monitoring Service (MMS) for over fifteen years. Koorsen could not be happier with the relationship.

When I began working at Koorsen, I was soon given the responsibility of the interaction between the two firms. In those days, Koorsen hand wrote the information regarding each of our clients and faxed the information to Michigan Monitoring. They in turn would enter the data in their database and send requests for clarification on any confusing information. The requests arrived via fax machine at our branches, along with any other concerns that came up during a normal business day.

Today we do most of our interaction via e-mail and they are doing a fantastic job. The new system affords us the opportunity to send all the client information to them through e-mail. They then enter the data and return it along with any requests for additional information to us through e-mail. This is very efficient and greatly reduces the chance for errors. We have access to our accounts at any time through the “Dealer Web”. WOW, what a concept! This tool affords us the opportunity to look at any of our accounts, or account information any time and anywhere we chose to. With this system in place, there should never be any errors. But when we do have an issue, the email process is very effective.

Congratulations to the Michigan Monitoring team and keep up the great work!"


Scott Bailey
Senior Vice President, Corporate Trainer of Engineered Systems and Security
Koorsen Fire and Security

Success Stories

Many companies may claim to be the best in the business, but we have the resume to prove it:

We recently had a dealer with a high number of accounts switch to us from another central station. The very first day the accounts were moved over, we discovered a few problems with accounts reporting bad or erroneous signals. In one instance, the signals from two different commercial fire systems were sending in error messages on a completely unrelated third account. The accounts in question were both using a fire panel that was unfamiliar to us. We immediately acquired a copy of the programming manual. With in minutes our Director of Central Station Operations was able to find the problem and communicate the steps necessary to correct it to the dealer and his technician who went out to make the necessary repairs.

In short, within 36 hours of the cut over, we were able to detect, diagnose and repair problems with two commercial fire alarm systems that, according to history printouts, the old central station was either unaware of, ignored or had been unable to correct for more than a year.

Introductory Offer

We are so confident you will be completely satisfied with our service; we want to offer you an unbelievable deal:

There are many central stations but it takes the very best to handle the difficult cases. Bring us your most problematic account, the one that your current central station cannot get back on track. Give us sixty days at no charge or risk to you, to resolve the account's issues. Our expert technical staff and trained operators will investigate the problems and then develop and implement cost effective solutions.Michigan Monitoring Service is so confident that we can turn any problem subscriber into a satisfied subscriber, we are willing to do it for free*. If we cannot resolve your account's problems within sixty days, it cannot be done. We make this promise based on our twenty years of experience.Let us prove to you that not only do we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry, but we are also the most capable in dealing with those difficult accounts.

Call Mike Riley today at (800) 876-5636 or email Mike at: michmoninfo1@michmon.com

* After sixty days, the account will be subject to charges based on the current pricing structure

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